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  • Non-Invasive Method for Treatment Sleep Apnea
  • Employ Certified Technicians
  • Sleep Study Locations in Houston, Bellaire, Sugar Land and Willowbrook
  • Sleep Study Facilities in over 9 locations including Houston, Bellaire, Sugar Land and Willowbrook
  • Voted Best Sleep Doctors & Facilities 2012 from Sleep Review Magazine

Do You Think You Have Sleep Apnea? Houston Residents can Find Out at Apnix!

One of the most common forms of treatment for sleep apnea is the use of CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure. With a CPAP machine, a small mask is fitted securely over the nose and/or mouth area and supplies continuous air pressure. This is supposed to keep the individual's airway open while they sleep and prevent obstructions, as well as repeated awakenings, throughout the night. It is a non-invasive method that most find easy to use over time. At Apnix, we provide treatment for sufferers of sleep apnea through methods such as CPAP. Houston and nearby residents can visit us at any of our 9 locations in Houston, Bellaire, Sugar Land and Willowbrook, and undergo a sleep study to determine if they need a CPAP machine. Our certified professionals will provide the utmost care for you at our American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredited facilities. Our facilities are designed to be state-of-the-art and provide patients with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere so they can rest properly while undergoing treatment. Most of our facilities have private bathrooms, flat-screen television screens and many of the comforts of home. Our patients undergo the treatment in a peaceful setting that is more like staying in a luxury hotel rather than a sleep study center. Apnix offers free parking and our facilities are secure, so you should have no problem arriving or leaving during any hour. All our technicians are certified and have been trained in all aspects concerning sleep studies. They can even show patients how to properly utilize a CPAP machine, so they can receive the most out of it for a good night's sleep.


"I have had problems sleeping all my life. I knew I was snoring and had sleep apnea"

, Houston Texas

"The people at Apnix are easy to work with, friendly, on the spot and did what they promised"

, Houston Texas

"I have had nothing but good experience with the company. Apnix has been absolutely fabulous..."

, Houston Texas

For those who require sleep apnea treatment via CPAP, Houston and nearby residents are in good hands with Apnix. We have served more than 20,000 patients since 2000 and do more for them than just purvey them a CPAP machine. We assist patients with CPAP therapy by ensuring them with prolonged, positive outcomes. National statistics show that there is a CPAP therapy compliance of about 50 percent. However, with our holistic and integrated approach to Sleep Management, along with a systematic clinical follow-up, raises that number to 88 percent. Our patients are provided with support education and guidance necessary for personalized service for therapy with CPAP. Houston and surrounding area residents that visit Apnix also receive:

  • Office visit or remote setups
  • Care and training
  • Additional related supplies
  • Therapist follow-up
  • Coordination with physicians
  • Supply replacement reminders
  • Re-evaluation of sleep disorder or therapy

Some of the symptoms for sleep apnea include gasping episodes while sleeping, excessive sleepiness while awake or consistent snoring. Houston area residents that are showing these signs should contact Apnix today to schedule a sleep study. About 18 million Americans have this disorder and suffer needlessly because of the treatment options available to them. Apnix can provide some solutions that will lead you back to a healthy, happy lifestyle. For more information or to schedule a sleep study with Apnix, call (713) 349-9767.

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Need a CPAP in Houston? Apnix Can Help

Most people that need a CPAP in Houston are suffering from sleep apnea. Apnix Sleep Diagnostics can help provide you with a CPAP machine that will help with your sleep apnea. Just visit our AASM Accredited facilities and let our certified technicians oversee a sleep study. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, so the test can be done in luxurious comfort. Choose one of our 9 facilities in and around Houston. For more information, please contact us today.


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