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What is a CPAP Machine and How it is Used with Sleep Apnea?

People who are new to CPAP in Houston will want to know what to expect with this type of therapy and how it helps those with sleep apnea. A CPAP machine is designed to help people breathe easier while they are sleeping.

The way the CPAP machine improves an individual's sleep is by keeping the airway open. The airway is kept open by allowing the CPAP to force air pressure into the throat. This increased air pressure keeps the airway from collapsing while the individual breathes in and out during the night.

There are several different types of CPAP machines. Some machines come with a mask that completely covers the mouth and nose, while other machines have a smaller mask that only covers the nose. Occasionally, the CPAP machine will have a prong-like device that fits snuggly into the nose.

The CPAP machine helps people with sleep apnea, especially obstructive sleep apnea, by preventing the soft tissue of the throat from collapsing during the night. The soft tissue will not collapse because of the pressurized air that is being pushed throughout the airway. Call us at Apnix to schedule an appointment with our team of healthcare professionals to discuss CPAP in Houston options.  

Reviews on CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnea?

Reviews help people who are new to CPAP in Houston find the right machine for their sleep apnea or sleep disorder treatment. Reviews for specific CPAP machines can be found on many third-party review sites, such as Consumer Reports. These websites offer unbiased, informative reviews on various CPAP machines.

In addition to third-party review sites, some industry specific newsletters and magazines, like Sleep Review, offer expert reviews and buyer's guides for CPAP machines. Our patients can rely upon these publications to offer helpful, unbiased reviews on the latest equipment used for sleep apnea treatment.

Our doctors at Apnix are always available to help patients find the right CPAP machine. We can help assess our patient's individual needs and make informed, helpful recommendations for which machines may help with sleep apnea. Schedule an appointment with us at Apnix to discuss CPAP in Houston options.

Can a CPAP Machine Help with Sleep Apnea?

Yes, a CPAP machine can help with sleep apnea, especially when combined with healthy lifestyle changes. People who use CPAP in Houston treatment for sleep apnea will be able to improve their quality of life.

A CPAP machine helps those with obstructive sleep apnea by opening the airways. Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by the soft tissue in the back of the throat resting and blocking the airway. A CPAP machine forces pressurized air into the body and through the airway, which prevents the soft tissue from resting. When this happens, it improves the individual's ability to breathe at night and get a peaceful night's sleep.

Our doctors can help people who can't breathe at night work with a CPAP machine to improve their sleep. Call us at Apnix to schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options for sleep apnea.


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