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Can I Do A Home Sleep Study?

A home sleep study can be performed and administered to anyone who believes they may be experiencing sleep apnea. These tests are designed in a way that allows our team of doctors to diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea by looking at the data that is collected. Data that is collected by these at-home tests include heart rate, airflow, breathing effort, and oxygen levels.

There are a number of reasons why our patients choose to have an at-home test performed. The most common reason is because of insurance coverage. Many insurance companies require a patient to go through a sleep study at home before they will approve or consider a lab test.

Another popular reason our patients want an at-home test is because it is easy and convenient. Our patients can administer the test in the comfort of their own home.

Our team of sleep technicians and doctors can help determine if an at-home sleep test is right for your current situation. Contact us at Apnix Sleep Diagnostics – The Houston Sleep Center to learn more about how these tests can help you get more sleep in Houston.

Reviews on a Home Sleep Study Houston?

Reviews for kits used to conduct a sleep study at home can be found on third-party review websites, such as Sleep Review. Sleep Review is an industry specific publication that focuses on providing the latest information for the sleep industry.  

Customers can read client reviews regarding their experience with a specific company by visiting the company's website. Apnix Sleep Diagnostics – The Houston Sleep offers customers the chance to read client testimonials. Our website has a client testimonial page that is filled with reviews from previous customers. Potential customers thinking of having a sleep study performed with us can watch video interviews from previous customers to see what experience they had with our sleep labs and doctors. Contact us at Apnix Sleep Diagnostics – The Houston Sleep to schedule a sleep study and get a potential diagnosis for your snoring in Houston.

What is a Home Sleep Study and What to Expect?

Sleep studies can sometimes be administered in the patient's home. Using a small, portable monitor, these at-home sleep studies can help diagnosis obstructive sleep apnea. These tests can also monitor heart rate, airflow, breathing effort, and oxygen levels. Some at-home tests can even measure brain waves, but it depends upon the type of monitor that is used for the testing process.

At-home testing is done for a number of reasons. Sometimes insurance companies will only cover this type of testing or they may require that an at-home test be performed before approving a lab sleep study. Other times these at-home sleep tests are performed because they are more convenient and comfortable for the patient.

A sleep study conducted at home is extremely easy to perform. The patient will be issued a testing kit that contains all the equipment needed to administer this test. The kit will contain a small monitor that is placed around the waist and a small clip that is placed over the finger. An airflow sensor will also be included in the kit. This will be placed under the nose.

Patients will place the monitoring equipment on them, turn the device on, and sleep as they normally would throughout the night. The equipment will track and monitor all data. After the sleep study, the equipment is returned to us at Apnix Sleep Diagnostics – The Houston Sleep, where the data is analyzed by our team of doctors. Contact us at Apnix Sleep Diagnostics – The Houston Sleep to schedule a home sleep study.


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